How I began dyeing

I’m Heidi Ferguson and I am an artist.  I paint and I make hand made books.  For years I had been making exposed spine bindings to show off the stitching a book.  I became discouraged by the lack of color in the linen thread I could purchase.  I also thought it would be great to have multiple colors on one thread.  Knitters and crafters have had access to yarns that were variegated with extraordinary colors for years.  Why isn’t linen thread the same way?    That’s how my thread dyeing began.  I use 18/3 linen thread and dye them in small batches.

The hand dyed thread comes on card os 5 yards and are $2.70 each.  The hand painted come with 10 yards on them and are $5.50 each.  There is a progressive discount based on how many yards you order.  To order just drop me an email at

Green Set

Green Set



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